James Fitzgerald – A Painter’s Journey DVD


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James Fitzgerald – A Painter’s Journey
DVD by Frederick Lewis

the story of Boston-born James Fitzgerald (1899-1971) who, after experiencing early critical success, withdrew to a reclusive life on Maine’s Monhegan Island. Shot on location in Maine, California and Ireland, it is also the story of the artist’s extraordinary friendship with Anne and Edgar Hubert. Upon his passing, Fitzgerald left the Huberts his island home and studio, and some 500 paintings. For more than 25 years the Huberts told their friend’s story again and again, seeking for Fitzgerald the recognition he refused during his lifetime. Thanks to the Huberts, Fitzgerald’s work now hangs in many major museums.

Narrated by acclaimed storyteller Jay O’Callahan, the program traces Fitzgerald’s early days in Boston, and his years in Monterey, where he fell in with John Steinbeck, Doc Ricketts and the Cannery Row group. We follow Fitzgerald to Mt. Katahdin in central Maine and to the windswept Aran Islands of the Irish coast. “A Painter’s Journey” is not only the remarkable story of one artist’s commitment to his calling, it is also an inspiring tale of friendship and devotion.