About Us

The Monhegan Historial and Cultural Museum Association

The Museum is sustained by volunteers, who act as docents throughout the season and work to maintain records of the collection. There are also curators working year-round.

The archives can be accessed by appointment, call 207.596.7003 or email us at museum@monheganmuseum.org

You are encouraged to become a member of the Museum Association. 

Museum Staff

Edward L. Deci, Director
Robert Stahl, Associate Director

Jennifer Pye, Chief Curator
Emily Grey, Curator of Exhibitions

Tara Hire, Operations Manager

Pamela Rollinger, Archival Associatefirstlighthousetif

Officers of the Museum Association, 2017-2018
Edward L. Deci (President)
Susan Bateson (Vice President)
Robert Stahl (Treasurer)
Ann Marie Sullivan (Honorary Lifetime Vice President)

Trustees, 2017-2018

Susan Bateson
Dan Broeckelmann
Peter Nelson
James F. O’Gorman
Muffy Pendergast
Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Sarah Webb

Members of the Curatorial Committee
Chair: Judy Grey
Ann Bartels
Bob Bartels
Eileen Cameron
Arline Oberman
Moe Oberman
Ann Marie Sullivan

drawings by Sylvia Alberts