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Stock Gifts

Many people own appreciated shares of stock — stock that has risen in value over time – and chose to give such shares to the Monhegan Historical and Cultural Museum Association instead of cash. Transferring appreciated stock benefits both the donor and the Museum. The donor avoids having to pay taxes on the appreciation and can take an income tax deduction on the full value of the stock (pending some IRS limitations). And, because Monhegan Museum is a qualified charitable organization, it can sell the stock and avoid any tax on the appreciation.

Historically, year-end is a popular time for making stock gifts, but it can be done at any time during a year. Many thoughtful donors review their stock portfolio periodically and select those stocks which have appreciated the most and which have been held for more than a year. These donors give stock instead of cash because they have discovered the value, and enjoyment, of stretching their giving power by gifting the capital appreciation and prudently giving more to help the worthy efforts of the Monhegan Museum.

Planned Giving

We invite individuals to join the Museum’s new 1968 Society (designating the year we opened our doors to the public) by designating planned gifts through their will or trusts to help ensure the vitality and permanence of the Museum and become a significant part of its history. You may join the 1968 Society by any of the following means:

    • A bequest to the museum in your will or through a revocable trust
    • The creation of a charitable lead trust or a charitable remainder annuity or unitrust for the benefit of the museum
    • The naming of the museum as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or a life insurance policy
    • A gift of real estate or tangible personal property, subject to the museum’s Gift Acceptance Policy

Have you ever considered making a gift of appreciated stock or a planned gift to the Monhegan Museum? It may be better for you than making a gift of cash. To learn more about this, you may want to talk with your CPA and investment advisor. We are also more than happy to connect you with the museum’s financial advisor, Cribstone Capital Management in Brunswick. Maine.

Please email Jenn Pye, Director at – info@monheganmuseum.org, and one of the Museum’s Officers will be in touch with you to provide additional information.


Your donations help us preserve Monhegan’s rich history for future generations.


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