Jay Connaway (1893-1970)

Jay Connaway (1893-1970) "Maine Sea" 1953

Mary Mason  (1886-1964)

Mary Mason (1886-1964) "Sidney's Garden"

Frederick Judd Waugh (1861-1940)

Frederick Judd Waugh (1861-1940) "Pounding Surf, Monhegan" circa 1912

William McCartin (1905-2003)

William McCartin (1905-2003) "Abstract Composition" 1963

Leon Kroll (1884-1974)

Leon Kroll (1884-1974) "Sunlit Sea" 1913

William Partridge Burpee (1846-1940)

William Partridge Burpee (1846-1940) "Coastal Sunset" circa 1905

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) "Whitehead, Monhegan" circa 1950

Edward Willis Redfield (1869-1965)

Edward Willis Redfield (1869-1965) "The Toy Maker's Home" 1928

Andrew Winter (1893-1958)

Andrew Winter (1893-1958) "First Set, Monhegan, Maine" 1936

Aldro Thompson Hibbard (1886-1972)

Aldro Thompson Hibbard (1886-1972) "Monhegan Harbor"

The Monhegan Museum displays a wide variety of exhibits relevant to the natural, social, industrial, cultural, and artistic history of Monhegan. It is the creation of many dedicated volunteers with a commitment to preserving, documenting, and exhibiting materials that convey the unique and appealing life of Monhegan Island. The Museum is housed in the historic Monhegan Light Station.



We are delighted to share that Monhegan Museum of Art & History is Yankee Magazine's 2016 Best of New England Editors' Choice for Best Small Museum!