A Common Bond: Women Artists of Monhegan Island catalogue


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112 page full color exhibition catalogue to accompany the 2024 show: A Common Bond: Women Artists of Monhegan Island with works by Sylvia Alberts, Ruth Boynton, Nancy Thomson Brown, Evelyn Davis, Yolanda Fusco, Jacqueline Hudson, Elena Jahn, Frances Kornbluth, Lucia Taylor Miller, Natalie Minewski, Frankie Odom, Joan Rappaport, Susan Rosenthal, Joanne Scott, Arline Simon, and Beth Van Houten. Living members of WAMI not included in the exhibition, but represented in the catalogue include: Dyan Berk, Kate Cheney Chappell, Judy Shepard Gomez, Joan Harlow, Sylvia Murdock, Elaine Reed, and Robin Young. Writings by Emily Grey, Susan Danly, Lisa Jahn-Clough, Jennifer Pye and Kate Cheney Chappell