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Threat of War: 1940 Gymkhana

The building tensions related to the war in Europe were on display at the 1940 Gymkhana. Typically a day of silliness and revelry with sports contests and games showcasing athletic skills, the 1940 Gymkhana illustrated the more serious concerns that were prevalent in islander’s thoughts. 

Anti-Nazi sentiment was on display at the 1940 Gymkhana 

        Jay Connaway posing as Hitler.


“Monhegan visitors gave a vigorous demonstration of their opinion of Nazidom Saturday afternoon when a ducking Hitler sideshow outdrew all other attractions at the Gymkhana midway. Jay Connaway, as Hitler on a swastika emblazoned rostrum, offered a target for ball throwers that tempted many to vent their feelings.”

Monhegan Press, 25 Aug. 1940, p.7.

Crowd gathered for Gymkhana events.