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War Years: Fashion

Rationing affected even the fashion industry causing hemlines to rise and simple utilitarian styles to be prevalent in order to conserve fabric. Wartime clothing was influenced by the uniforms worn in the Armed Forces and often featured braid and metallic button embellishments as well as shoulder pads.

“…simplicity and practicality controlled what we wore. Nevertheless, my friends and I paid a little attention to fashion. During the war years designers were told to conserve their use of fabric. Two-piece bathing suits were invented; even the Sears and Roebuck catalogue sold them. Who could resist?” Gummere, Dede. Once Upon a Time……a Long Ago Childhood. 2020

Dede Gummere and Lucia Taylor, 1945. Inn Crowd Album. Courtesy of Ruth Grant Faller


Bill and Lorne Smith, 1940