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War is Over: Community Revitalized

The influx of returning Monhegan men, many with brides, invigorated the community. Houses changed hands and businesses thrived with the optimism and confidence of these young people. After surviving the hardships of war, the beauty and safety of Monhegan provided an excellent place to make their homes.

“I think even after the war, things changed, people changed. You know there was more money and, of course, the guys came back from the service and they were all working here and they were married. The island started to change like every place started to change after the Second World War.” -Ruth Grant Faller

Of course, Old Dear, I’ve no statistics but there are more people on the Island this winter and I gather the harbor and surrounding waters should look like a regatta with the teaming up of lobster-men. For instance: Phon Speed and Adie, Douglas Odom and Pinkham (our neighbor) Harry Odom and Walter Davis. Then Tom Orne and Vernon Burton are on their way home. Betsy says there are seventeen children here and actually, talk of reviving the Christmas festival in the Church.” –Pierce, Betty. Letter to Warner Taylor. November 28, 1945.