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War Years: Summer Community Diminished

While the war raged in Europe, fewer summer residents and visitors were able to come to the island.  Travel and resources were limited. Fear of submarines kept many people from traveling by boat.

“The war years affected the summer colony as well…There weren’t as many people coming to the island.” Faller, Ruth Grant. Monhegan Her Houses and Her People 1780-2000. Mainstay Publishing. 2001. p.81.

John Gummere recalled year his family didn’t come to the island in a 2001 interview

Then the war intervened and most travel stopped.” Boynton, Ruth. “An Artist’s View”. The New Monhegan Press. June, 1997. p.5.

Wengenroth, Stow. The Captain’s House, Monhegan, Maine. 1945